A Beginner’s Guide To Car Detailing

Most of the car owners go for a simple car wash, but it is not enough to maintain the vehicle’s value in a long run. One must opt for full car detailing services as it will help in restoring the value of your vehicle. In simple words, car detailing means detailed cleaning of a vehicle to restore its sheen. This service also helps in protecting your car paint against any pollutants or UV rays. The use of right detailing products from the best suppliers will also increase the car’s sales value.

Major Components of Car Detailing


  1. Car Exterior Cleaning

    The very first step is to complete car washing. It helps the car to get rid of debris, dirt, or road grime accumulation. Most of the car owners also use the wash mitt, microfiber towels, and the car wash soap-based products that avert scratching during exterior cleaning.

  2. Detailing/Protecting the Exteriors of Car

    The car detailing process helps to protect the paint and other exterior components of the car. It is polished with wax, ceramic coatings, or sealants to remove dirt bonded on its exterior. You can avail of the best car polish in Dubai from a reputed company like Majestic Car Care. Under this, even the tire dressing and cleaning of automotive glass with glass cleaner is done.

  3. Complete Cleaning of Car Interiors

    It includes cleaning the upholstery, dashboard, and complete vacuuming of the car interior. The interior cleaning also involves removing dirt from leather, vinyl, and plastic parts.

  4. Detailing the Interiors

    The interior car detailing varies according to the requirements of car owners like purchasing the product for a specific purpose. It can include providing shine to dashboard, seats, etc. Avail a professional car interior detailing Dubai services from a reputed company Majestic Car Care.

To conclude, if you want your car to look majestic and possess a good resale value, then car detailing from the professional once or twice in a month will maintain it in a long run. You can avail of the best and affordable car detailing package from the renowned professionals of Majestic Car Care. We also provide headlight restoration Dubai under the car exterior detailing in Dubai services. Additionally, you can avail of other services like paint leveling, smart sealing, engine bay detailing, paint protection, etc.

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