Known for our innovative high silica-content glass coatings that can be applied to your paint, metal, wheels, and plastic trim pieces. With these coatings offering just the right combination of gloss and durability, 22ple has its sights set on becoming the innovative leader in car protection!


  • Ensure the surface is cleaned & polished.
  • Remove all oil/polishes on the surface by doing an IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) wipe down. Use a mixture of 50% Isopropyl Alcohol with 50% distilled water.
  • Please make sure the surfaces are cool and TOTALLY dry before applying the glass coat.
  • Pour a small amount of glass coat liquid onto the 22ple Glass Coat Applicator (Double Sided) and apply in a straight line motion. Do not over-apply as it does not give you additional benefit, but it might make it difficult to remove.
  • Increase dwell time if working in colder temperatures, decrease when working in higher humidity accordingly.
  • After this initial curing time, the car can be washed or driven per normal.
  • The full curing time is about 5 days, at which time the full layer of the coat will be hardened and the surface will look its best.
  • Do not reuse any applicator pads used to apply this coating. 22ple will dry and harden these applicator pads and if used again they could potentially mar the paint.


22PLE VM1 Signature Rim & Metal Coat

Glass based wheel and metal sealant that is specifically formulated to resist high temperatures such as those experienced by wheels, brake calipers and other metal parts exposed to engine bay heat, exhaust heat or sunlight.

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22PLE VX1 Signature Glass Coat

22PLE VX1 Signature Glass Coat (VX1-20) is a glass-based, high-silica content sealant which once cured leaves a hard, glossy, hydrophobic and dirt repellent barrier between paintwork and potentially harmful contaminants.

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