Additional Services

Complete Paint Leveling Service

Estimated price upon inspection.

Shed a layer of clear coat and reveal a new surface, up to 90% orange peel and deep scratch removal.

Recommended for repainted vehicles, or factory finishes with more than 135 microns of paint.

Upgrade to choice of organic paste hand wax by Migliore


Primo is ” best of the best” concours style wax. Primo is truly top of the line and will compete with the highest quality waxes in the business. It contains nearly 50% carnauba per jar. This wax is for those who genuinely cherish their vehicle’s finish, demanding a finish that you can almost swim in.


Migliores flagstaff luxury wax, containing a blend of 50% carnauba wax with organic oils and all natural ingredients. Competizone has a delightful smell and fantastic shine.


Hand poured by world renowned Detailer Barry Theal, Presidentiale contains 50% pure carnauba wax and a blend of exotic ingredients that are only activated by the warmth and oils of a human hand. Leaving an incredible lush shine

Smartwax (default application)

The latest technology in Liquid wax. Made from Brazilian Camauba, Smartwax has a delightful smell, with easy wax on wax off. For 2 — 3 months protection

Smart seal

For those looking for an extra layer of protection which last for 6 months from the extreme heat, smart seal is recommended for those vehicles that sun bathe often.

Complete Engine Bay Detailing

Estimated time: 1 – 2 hours

Upgrade your basic treatment with our engine bay detailing service and boast a show room prepared engine bay!


Estimated time: 1 – 2 days

Bring your ultimate toy back to original pristine condition with a complete service by Majestic, using only high quality products and our specialized polishing service for fiber glass, chrome and metal components.

most luxurious detailing


Headlight Restoration
Detailing Packages
Paint Protection Services
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