Durashield+ is a transparent, durable, high performance urethane film that is scratch and tear resistant. It is designed to provide a virtually invisible layer of protection between everyday road hazards and damage prone areas of your vehicle. Durashield+ performs as a tough barrier to prevent small rocks, debris and insects from coming in contact with your vehicles painted or metal finished surface areas. Durashield+ is warranted for 7 years against peeling, clouding, discoloration or any other manufacturing defects when applied by a certified installer. Stylize your car and keep your vehicle looking better longer and boost your trade in value.

Durashield+ Paint Protection film and Duraglaze application

Estimated time: 2 – 4 days

Durashield+ is a state of the art 8 mil thick polyurethane transparent film that provides a physical layer of protection over your paintwork with guaranteed protection from road debris, abrasive sand, acidic bird droppings, scratches, swirl marks and all the harsh elements that can diminish your vehicles value. Durashield+ is a completely custom application. Installed by trained and certified technicians and warrantied for 7 years (Terms and conditions apply). Every package comes with free Duraglaze application for 2 years with 6 months interval to give your car the ultimate shine.

Standard Protection

Includes hood, mirrors and bumper

Deluxe Protection

Includes hood, mirrors, bumper, Fenders and Door edges

Premium Protection

Includes hood, mirrors, bumper, Fenders, Door edges, Headlights and roof,

Ultimate Protection

Complete vehicle body wrap with Durashield+

Packages for Motorcycle, Aviation, and Marine are available on request.

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